Friday, 31 October 2014

Amazing what Excel can do

Debbie Mayo-Smith's latest newsletter reported on a bugbear that many of us find with Excel: when someone has merged cells. It is a real "Argh!!!" thing in a database. 

But Debbie has a very easy solution to deleting the affected columns or rows and re-importing them (the trick I have employed in the past). 

She says "But there is a wonderful solution right under your nose. First highlight the cells you want to unmerge. On the home ribbon go to Alignment | Merge & Center, click the drop down arrow | select Unmerge".

So, so easy. It is amazing what Excel can do when you know how.

  • Reference: Mayo-Smith, Debbie (2014). Five great quick tips from Debbie:1. Wow!! I didn't know Excel could do that. Retreived from

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