Thursday, 5 March 2015

LinkedIn Post Creation Tips

Who's thought about how we structure a group post on LinkedIn?

As the Manager for a couple of LinkedIn groups, I have been trying to take notice of what other people do when they make group posts, and pull in the best ideas I see into what I do.

The conclusions I have come to is that firstly we need to take a 'PR' or a newspaper approach to our headline, and make our LinkedIn post headline:
  • Short
  • Snappy
  • A mini-story
  • A call to action
  • Under ten words.
Posing your post's headline as a question often pulls more people in to read your item. For example:

Then we add a SHORT intro in the detail box, and this is also where we post our link. Again, when I say short, I mean we don't rehash the story in the detail area. We just provide the bare bones and maybe pose another question, so that readers can see whether the item you are sharing might be of interest to them.

Some posters also wait until a couple of people have replied, then come back with a further question. That tends to re-fire a post and keep the thread going.

NB: Sometimes in LinkedIn, the detail box doesn't appear. If this happens, you can usually force it to appear by temporarily pasting your link into the headline box. Then once the detail appears, paste it into the detail box and remove it from the headline.


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