Monday, 25 May 2015

Clarity of thought

(Morgan, 2003)
I read a fascinating quote the other day. It was said in an interview between Caitlin White, a journalist for Bustle, who was interviewing Kiera Cass, the author of a young adult series containing, "The Selection", "The Elite", "The One" and "The Heir".

The first in the series, The Selection, centres on those assumptions we make about others, and the assumptions we can blindly make about other's stories and goals.

In the Bustle interview, Kiera related to Caitlin that “Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress” (White, 2014).

What a stellar insight! How often do we assume that the truth of the Cinderella myth is that she set out wanting the prince?

No one ever asks her whether the events that unfold match her desired future. We just assume that becoming a princess - with all the responsibility and constraints this brings - fits with Cinderella's personal goals.

Kiera says that "We assume she’s happy, but what if she wasn’t? What if being a princess was overwhelming for her?" (White, 2014).

A good point, and a good reminder to always ask others about their own story, to not assume, and to allow others their difference.

And never assume that everyone wants to be the princess, or wants to marry the prince.


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