Friday, 10 July 2015

Trilogies: Stephen King ...and Stieg Larsson

I am currently reading a Stephen King book, Mr Mercedes. It has been described as a "hard-boiled detective story", and seems to be following that vein.

All good. However, I am already wondering if I will read the second book in the series, once my library gets it, entitled Finders Keepers (one should always be planning ahead <grin>). I checked out the Guardian's (Smythe, 2015) review - and even Wikipedia (2015 <quelle horreur!>) - for this second book of the trilogy, to find out a little more about it.

What I heard was that the focus shifts from Bill Hodges as the central character in Mr Mercedes to a new central character in the second book - Pete Saubers - who is related to one of the opening characters from Mr Mercedes. Bill Hodges appears about halfway through Finders Keepers, along with Brady Hartfield, the psycho from the first book, whose coma-ed presence haunts this second book.

In reading this, I was immediately struck by the similarity of Stieg Larsson's plot devices used in the Millennium trilogy: where we start with Mikael Blomkvist in book one, but transfer our allegiance to Lisbeth Salander in book two. OK, the construction used is not identical, and I have no idea about the ending of Mr King's book two ...or whether Brady Hartfield will appear in book three at all, but I was quite interested in this as an idea.

I will only know if Stephen King's Mr Mercedes trilogy parallels with the Millennium trilogy once Mr King's last book in this series is out. I would assume that this will be in the middle of 2016, as each of the previous two books have been released in June, ready for the northern hemisphere summer.

I will wait with interest!



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