Monday, 5 October 2015

Stepping students into referencing

I was reading an interesting post on the LinkedIn Higher Education group by Bob Ertischek recently. Bob linked to a primer post on referencing by Dr Liz Hardy, called "The Referencing Guide With No Hocus Pocus".

Liz's post is good for international students who are really struggling with the concept of referencing. However, I suspect it might be too simplistic for domestic students.

My students get lots of referencing help from our learning support people in our Library. That helps our domestic students get up to speed REALLY quickly (first semester, first year). However, our international students need a lot more focused attention, including having study buddies, lunchtime seminars and additional targeted resources.

For help with bibliographic entries I like these two tools:
For teaching students how to reference, I like using Dr Stephen Fox's webinar, which uses Green Eggs and Ham. This is accessible through TurnItIn at

For international students who have no idea what Green Eggs and Ham is, I put together a part flip book at using my own copy of Green Eggs and Ham and a snip of Garry Foster's reading.



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