Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Plain Text Pasting

If you are like me, and do a lot of copying, pasting, sythesising and rewriting, and get frustrated by trailing formatting which adversely affects your pasting, then I have a great tip for you.

In Word, you can set your default paste option to plain text. Even better, setting up Word this way should work in Outlook as well (well, it does in mine).

That doesn't mean that you can no longer copy and paste images or formatting: it just means you have to select 'Paste' from the Ribbon when you need to do that, or use the right-click menu.

To set up plain text paste as your default option in Word, go to File | Options | Advanced | Cut, Copy, and Paste, and then for all four pasting options, set to "Keep Text Only", and click OK. And, as an added bonus, if that little "Paste options" button that pops up when you do paste irritates the daylights out of you, directly underneath your paste options is where you can send it to bye byes forever by unticking it.

Hope that makes your life easier :-)


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