Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Aus/NZ Share "Investor Centre" log in procedure: Epic Fail!

I am a very minor shareholder in a few publicly listed companies. Like most shareholders down here in the South Pacific, I manage my shares through the joint-venture website for Australia and New Zealand, Computer Share (
Yet, for some reason, EVERY time I go to log on to the computershare website, I am either (a) unable to log in, or (b) am told that the password or security question that I am using is incorrect.

Because I have had this happen to me EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail, I have recorded everything meticulously, and am very careful about entering my data.

To no avail. 

Each time this fails - ie, each time I go to the site - I have to go through an exhausting palaver every time of contacting these people (once I can finally get a real person) to be able get in to see my minute share results and dividends. It is a bit like buying consumer goods under communism: I am "procuring with great difficulty".

Today, yet again, I went to log on, and was told that the answer to my security question was - yet again - incorrect (and it isn't. It has not changed since I opened my computershare account).

My security question is so secure that I cannot get into my own account.

But what was different about today was that I got to wondering if I was alone in this difficulty. Perhaps this doesn't only happen to me. So I thought I would ask others if they too have problems.

So, South Pacific shareholders, can you please let me know if you too find that the Computershare log in procedure is flawed? Does it too score an epic fail for log ins from you?


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  1. Thanks Sam, I also find Computershare's site and epic fail. Having to maintain three account with the same problems is infuriating


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