Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Apps that create images for pinning articles to Pinterest

I use Pinterest a lot to keep track of website pages that I want to return to.

I am quite a visual person, so I find it easier to link an idea to a picture. I always add an image to my articles, so that people can pin the article if they want to.

One problem that I have with Pinterest is that some articles do not have an image with them, making it impossible to pin them.Sometimes, despite there being no image, Pinterest creates a plain text image for the page which allows me to pin it. If that doesn't happen,sometimes I will copy the article to my own blog (ensuring I attribute it appropriately), adding an image, so that I can pin it.

Creating a Pinterest-pinning image can be done, but it is a little convoluted. First you must create an image (ie, creating your own image, taking a screenshot of or clipping part of the screen), saving it to your computer, then using the "Add a Pin" function on your pins page, and up loading and emerge from your device. You create the pin using your uploaded image, then edit it afterwards to add the link.

All a bit exhausting, really.

However, I figured that a coding somebody must have created a widget or an app to do this for us more easily. Somewhere. On the Interweb.

Today I decided that I needed to find that tool for creating Pinterest images. So I went looking.

I found an article by Cynthia Sanchez, entitled "No Picture, No Problem You Can Still Pin it to Pinterest". Cynthia identifies a tool called Shotpin, which does just that: creates a Pinterest image so you can pin a link. However, the tool no longer works. Arrgh!!!

Luckily, one of the commenters on Cynthia 's blog post - Chris Hunt - advises of another tool which has replaced Shotpin. Called, Pin My Screen, this tool can be downloaded from the ChromeStore.

Another alternative I found is Pin4ever. You install the free Pin4ever app, select the mini toolbar option, and under the power tools menu, you will find a camera icon. There are paid aspects of this app that you can buy into should you want to (however, I don't have the need). Use the camera icon to an image that you can then add the item URL to, add a description, then pin.

Both apps are very easy to use: give them a try.



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