Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 home screen shortcuts disappear

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4 phone.

In general it has been operating really well, however recently I have noted that icons. which I had created for favourite websites and have pinned to my phone 'desktop', keep disappearing.

I thought that perhaps there was some secret recycle bin that I didn't know about, and maybe they were accidentally being swiped away. I thought that perhaps I would be able to retrieve them from wherever that was. Unfortunately, I have not been able - despite a number of searches - to find a recycle bin.

I have also tried searching to see if there is a bug, and have been unable to find a bug that relates to shortcuts and the Samsung Galaxy note 4.

However, after a number of search refinements, blind alleys, reading and learning the 'right' names for things, I eventually honed my search question to: "my pinned Firefox shortcuts on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 keep disappearing from my home screen".

From there, I was able to find and issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, where Firefox shortcuts were disappearing each time the phone was rebooted.

The problem there was that Firefox was being stored on the SD card, and moving Firefox to the main phone memory stopped the shortcuts disappearing.

I checked to see if Firefox was saving to my main phone memory, and it already is. So not that then. But perhaps my shortcuts are saving to the SD card. 

I will have to see if I can find a solution that answers that.

Will update you when I know.



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