Monday, 5 September 2016

Downloading Flash Audio

If you, like me, have a dodgy internet connection, where listening to a podcast is an exercise in buffering patience - with soundbites of seven or so seconds, then the same of silence, repeat ad infinitum - then this tip might help you.

This is a fix for downloading Flash audio so you can listen to it in one hit. Often Flash audio has an embedded player, and you are unable to right-click on the play button to "Save Link As" and thus download the audio.

But wait! There is a great site called File2HD ( All you need to do is to paste the link of your audio file into the URL box and tick an agreement box - about legitimate access - and click the “Get files” button.

File2HD will then sort through the files present on your specified audio link webpage, and will provide you with a list of what files there are.

Then all you need do is to click on the file with "audio" at the end. The audio file will open in a new window, then you simply right-click on the play button as usual, and you will get your pop-up menu, and can "Save As".


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