Monday, 26 September 2016

Using Problem Steps Recorder to explain IT issues

Who's heard of Microsoft's Problem Steps Recorder?


Neither had I.

What it does is track a problem that you are having on your PC so that you can report exactly what is going on, and send it to someone who will then help you trouble-shoot your issue.

All you need to do is to key "PSR" into the search field on the Windows Start Menu. A dialogue box will pop up (like the one in the image).

Click "Start Record", and then go and do exactly what you were doing when the problem happened. Write some notes (if relevant). Once you are happy, stop recording, then save the resulting zip file.

If you open the zip file, you will find an ".mht" file which contains your notes, a log, and screenshots of all the screens that got focus while you were outlining what was going on.

Then send the .zip to your helpdesk or colleague for a solution. So easy.

Best of all, this is small to email (unlike video, which takes up lots of space).

A simple solution to help provide a solution.


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