Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Problems shutting down Windows 10?

I have a Windows 10 laptop, and the blasted thing won't shut down completely.

My anti-virus needs to do a full shut-down and restart when the AV has been updated. Unfortunately, because Windows 10 doesn't ever seem to actually shut down, I keep getting in a hamster loop of "Computer restart required - Your computer needs to be restarted to...". It never, ever goes away.

I know I need to shut down and restart fully, and everything will be just ticketty-boo again.

I just can't get the laptop to actually, really, truly shut down.

I tried a registry hack (didn't work). I tried changing the power settings (didn't work). I tried putting a shortcut on the desktop saying "%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0" (didn't work).

Then I found something that apparently did work, from TechRepublic:
"Click on the desktop or tap the Start button on the keyboard and then press Alt+F4 to open a Shut Down Windows dialog box with all the same choices you would see on the Start menu, including options to restart, sleep, and hibernate" (Bott, 13 July 2016).



  • Reference: Bott, Ed (13 July 2016). Memorize the universal shutdown shortcut. Retrieved 14 July 2016 from

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