Friday, 6 January 2017

Download Facebook video without software

Recently, there was a webinar that I was supposed to attend. However because it was 9pm Melbourne time, it ended up being too late for me to stay up and watch it with any degree of concentration.

So I wanted to download the video to watch it later on. The webinar organiser had posted a copy of the webinar to the Facebook page, which was fantastic.

Unfortunately our Internet at home is not that great, and Facebook video in particular often freezes.

So I wanted to download the video in order to watch it, and was unable to find anything on Facebook to help me do that.

It took me a bit of hunting, but I managed to find a YouTube video with "how to" instructions.The instructions are:
  • Go to your Facebook wall where the video is located
  • Double-click the video to play it, so it opens in the Facebook pop-up, with your timeline blacked out in the background
  • The URL in the address bar above will now have changed
  • Change the "www" to "m" in that address bar
  • Hit enter
  • The format of the page will change to a very simple layout
  • Play the video once more
  • Right click the video and choose "save video as"
  • Navigate to wherever you want to save it on your hard drive as normal, and click save


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