Friday, 21 April 2017

Annoying Samsung app update messages

If any of you have a Samsung Android phone, and have been getting annoying Samsung messages about 'Game Mode' app updates, there is a way to turn them off.

Samsung has been super helpful with some of their phone apps. I don't want 'Game Mode'. I also don't want it telling me all the time that there is an update. However, users are not able to uninstall it.

As one user, Svendly, said: "Like many people, I don't need or want this app. Okay, fine, whatever. If I must keep the app, I don't want notifications from this app. Ah, it appears you've also prevented us from disabling notifications from this app."


However, you can stop the app notifying you every 2.5 minutes about updates.

HurricaneAndrew provided the solution, saying "Go to Settings> Device> Application manager> select More at the top right then tap the Show System Apps option. Scroll down to GameMode, and from there you can disable notifications". Some of your menu shortcuts might be a little different to that, but so long as you can see "Show System Apps" in your App manager, you should be right.

Just slide the notifications setting to 'off' on Game Mode, and back out.



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