Friday, 9 June 2017

The Art of Conversation... or "Presenting"

Each year I have students make presentations to their peers. Each year some students do remarkably well, and others struggle. Yet they all get the same information on the course.

I think some of them take my messages to heart, while others don't.

On reflection, I think part of the reason we can find presentations difficult is that we don't do the base work before we present. And the base work is to practice. Aloud. Many times. To learn our script, not just like lines, but like a conversation that can morph and wend as our moods morph and wend, and as our audience give us feedback in terms of energy, body language and focus.

The more we practice, the better our presentation will be: provided we continue to think of what we say as a conversation with the room.

Following is a screencast which I put together for my students on tips and guidelines for having that conversation:

I hope you find it useful!


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