Monday, 25 September 2017

How to Remove the AVG Email Signature

After a decade of using Norton Antivirus, I got caught by a worm. Not a particularly bad one, and one that I managed to get rid of fairly easily. However, I was surprised that something got through my defences when I was using all the levels of protection that I should be using.

I had a conversation with a colleague, who told me that they had been using AVG without any difficulty on their system for many years. Further, they had been using the freeware version, not the paid version with all the add-ons. I was intrigued, and thought I would give AVG a go on my laptop (where I didn't keep much data). I used the AVG without any trouble for a year, then thought I would try it on my PC.

As a result, I have been using AVG for many years without any difficulty whatsoever. I have had no breach of my data defences as yet. But it almost seems like a cheat's way out: I have not had to pay for this service. I realise that multi-licence business users are those who pay, and I am very grateful for the facility they fund for home users!

Interestingly though, of late I have been noticing that AVG had been popping a footer on my emails. I certainly hadn't requested this, opted in, or ticked anything new. I thought about leaving it there, as a small advertorial in return for the service that AVG has provided me with for so many years, but it is really not very classy. Amateurish.

I googled "why is AVG putting a footer on my emails?" and got a very helpful AVG Support thread which eventually provided me with a solution on July 4 (AVG Support, 7 April 2017). I went into AVG Menu | Settings | General | Components | Email Protection | Customise | Behaviour | and unticked "Insert note" into all the options shown. Problem solved.

In the future though, if AVG generates a more attractive footer, I will add it back in. I think it is the least I can do for a company which has kept my computer and data safe, so reliably, for so many years. 


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