Monday, 2 October 2017

One small step against spamkind

Recently I was having a conversation with a few colleagues, where we were discussing the annoyance of unwanted emails, and various solutions for getting off mailing lists. One of our number told us of a stellar solution that they have been using for opting out of emails.

First the story of frustration: they had tried to opt out online by managing their subscriptions and unsubscribing. The emails kept coming relentlessly. They had replied to an emailer, asking to be unsubscribed, which had bounced back. In frustration, they called an 0800 number, and got directed back to the website to manage their subscription. They complained via the complaints service, and were contacted via email by a "customer care" person, who asked them why they wouldn't still want to know what their wonderful company was doing.

"Aha," thought my colleague, "I know. I will change my email address in their system. That'll fix 'em." 

But what was truly a stroke of genius is that they changed their email address for the address of the customer care person who had been so unempathetic. Fantastic.

I hope that customer care person is enjoying their spam; spam which they cannot opt out of, because it is not connected to their user name. Fantastic solution. And I am already using it.

I plan on using this particular piece of strategic kickback as often as I can!


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