Monday, 9 October 2017

Visual Storytelling

A FastCompany article caught my eye recently (19 August 2017). Apparently MIT neuroscience researchers have found that our brain can extract meaning from an image in 13 milliseconds: a finding much speedier than earlier studies' results.

Why is this important? Because it us around 600 milliseconds for our brain to think of a word, apply grammar, and then say it aloud: which is one of the key reasons that posters, videos and graphics convey a story much, much more quickly than text can.

A colleague of mine lectures using only images, and - obviously - she has the right of it. You can convey meaning and message 45 times faster using images. For all of us who use PowerPoint with words on our slides, we would be much better to use a model diagram, an image or a video.

Something to make us all think!


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