Friday, 15 December 2017

Backing up Dragon Naturally Speaking

I have backed up Dragon Naturally Speaking before, but suddenly realised recently that I had not done it for a while. I went to do it and couldn't remember how, so thought I would share the "how to" here for anyone else who was at sea with this process!

The whole thing is surprisingly easy. Simply, while Dragon Naturally Speaking is running, click on Profile | Manage User Profiles, and then, in the dialogue box that opens, highlight the user profile you want to back up. Then select Advanced | Backup, and select in the "Location of user profile" drop down on the bottom left where you want to save the back up to.

You won't get any messages. In fact, you may even get a "Not responding" message at the top of the Dragon dialogue box. But to reassure yourself that something has actually happened and that your back up has worked, simply check that the folder date in your back up location is now today's date.

It is as easy as that.


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