Wednesday, 31 January 2018

View Recent Facebook Posts using Bookmarks

Facebook is something I use to keep in touch with friends and family, and I am slightly active on it. However, one thing that continues to annoy me is the lack of linearity - of timeline - in the news feed. About four years ago, FB changed the strucure of the posts to sort it with those posts with the most activity coming first, in descending order of reaction and comment.

A while ago I posted how to change the FB feed order in the side bar (here), but this is not a 'sticky' fix. Each time you go back in, you have to reset the feed back to "Most Recent". Go to another page, come back, reset. Rinse, repeat.

However, I want to see what is going on NOW, not six months ago, for when I do dip in. And there is a fix for both PC and mobile, kindly provided within the Facebook community, by Jahthree Pothole and Qazi Muhammad Asif, respectively:
  • "Save this as a bookmark, or as a startup page in your browser. It always starts with 'most recent' (Pothole, 2014). The key is the "?sk=h_chr" ending, which you can append to any page or group address that you already have bookmarked
  • "and for mobile user like" (Asif, 2014)
When you load your page from the bookmark, the suffix will disappear. However, your feed view will be in 'most recent posts first' order. 

Hopefully those two tips will work for you, as they worked for me.


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