Monday, 2 April 2018

Phantom moderation list items in LinkedIn weekly digest email

As a manager for a couple of LinkedIn (LI) groups, I have noticed over the last couple of years that I keep getting 'phantom' items in the moderation list items in my weekly digest email. Yet when I click on the link - which takes me to the LinkedIn online Moderation Queue - I get a "This queue is empty. Items under moderation will appear here" message.

Every few months, the moderation queue number increases, yet there are still no items showing online. It is either a waste of my time to moderate non-existent items... or to be unable to see and moderate legitimate items. For volunteer group managers and administrators, I would have to say that false information is not very useful!

I have hunted the help files. I have had other managers go in to check the Moderation Queue - in case it is something to do with my own profile - but they see the same thing: nothing. Each time I note that the number of moderation items have increased, I go looking for an answer again. I have posted help requests (and had no answers). I have explored the LI Forums. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

It has made me realise just how irritating something so tiny can be. That made me reflect on why this gets under my skin. I think it is when I have a clean docket, I can relax and know my - voluntary - job is done. But the LI digest messages constantly tell me that my job is not done, and - when I try to do something about it - then the site tells me "Ha, ha, and you can't do anything about it".

Something wrong in your LI systems, Microsoft: please do something about it. PLEASE.


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