Monday, 7 May 2018

Hidden File Explorer Tools

Ah, the great Ed Bott from Tech Republic just keeps these tips coming.

When working with groups of files in File Explorer, there is a tick box option that we can activate to select files with folders by going to activating this function at:
  • File Explorer | View File | Item check boxes option (from Windows 8.1 onwards)
  • Tools | Folder Options | View | Use check boxes to select items (Windows 7)
This enables us to select different files without having to hold down the Ctrl key: and there is a handy little tack on extra. We can select all the few files in a folder we want to keep, then go to the Home | Invert selection (or in old money, Edit | Invert selection) to swap the selection and click delete to get rid of most of the files we have in an area. 

Very handy!


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