Friday, 29 June 2018

LinkedIn Activity Stream

Have any of you gone looking for a LinkedIn post that you were sure you only added to a thread a couple of days ago, but have been unable to find?

Three useful places for us to look for past posts and comments are in: our notifications list (at; and our posts and activity (at[your_name]/detail/recent-activity/); and the groups we have joined (at

However, even a search in the locations above may be fruitless, due to the short time that various categories of LinkedIn data is live (compiled by Slavin, 31 March 2016):
  • Updates that you share – 30 days
  • Comments and likes on other members’ updates – 14 days
  • Following and joining updates – 5 days
  • Recommendations and general profile updates – 14 days
  • Work anniversaries and recent position changes – 30 days
  • Profile photo changes – 30 days
Crikey. So LinkedIn only keeps 14 days of our post data... a mere two weeks of comments. If we want to easily keep track of what we have said online, we need to copy it out at the time, and bank it.

I often reuse my LinkedIn comments, as over time, they spark ideas which I then write blog posts from. To keep track of those ideas, I need some kind of digital notebook. But I don't like Firefox's Pocket, because it doesn't organise things well enough.

Argh! I need a truly 21st Century filofax for Windows!


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