Monday, 1 October 2018

Creating a Word auto date in year format

For some time, as I think of it, I have gone looking for how to create an autodate in Word, that simply returns a single year as the date in a field... AND auto-updates for next year.

You would think that Word would have a single year date: it would be ideal for annual reports and similar documents. However, I have never found a way to do this (and I have the same issue in Excel).

Recently, on what must have been my 50th brief internet trawl for an answer to this problem, I found a little piece of code which we can embed with the following, simple steps!
  1. Place the cursor where we want to insert next year's field. Key Ctl & F9 to get some field code{ = }. 
  2. Then we simply enter " DATE \@ "yyyy" " between the curly brackets, so we have { DATE \@ "yyyy" } in our field.
  3. Et voila! We are done.
Funnily enough, since then, I have also found that if you go into the Insert | Date & Time, and tick "Auto-update" and enter YYYY in the field at the top, you will also get the same result.

But hey.


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