Wednesday, 17 October 2018

YouTube Dark Mode

In clicking a few YouTube URLs recently from within emailers, I kept getting a screen in the dark mode version of YouTube. If you haven't struck this look yet, the YouTube page background is black, with text in white: like the image accompanying this post. 

Dark mode was created for those who like to watch videos in low light. It allows the video to be better seen without the white/blue light lighting the room from the page surround. Many people have adjusted their settings to have YouTube in dark mode because they like the look. 

We can access dark mode simply by clicking to our YouTube profile and selecting dark mode from the menu. However, I had not set dark mode, but every time I clicked a link, I was getting the dark mode regardless.

Personally, I don't like dark mode. I don't tend to watch a screen at night, and, having read lots of research about recall and understanding (Cheng, 2015; Hall & Hanna, 2003), feel it is more effective and less tiring to read black on white.

If you end up in dark mode and don't want to view that way, there is a very simple fix. Simply log into YouTube using your Google logon, go out of dark mode, and tell YouTube to remember you. That's it.


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