Monday, 5 November 2018

Mail Chimp 'Post to Facebook' images

I struck an interesting wee problem recently when setting up a new MailChimp emailer for my newsletter. The problem arose when I went to update my push-outs to social media: I found that had an image from the last campaign stubbornly appearing in both my Facebook notification, and my Twitter post.

There was no "x" on the top right-hand corner for me to get rid of the images. I couldn't drag them out of the selection area either. I googled how to remove images from "post to Facebook" in MailChimp campaigns, but came up with nothing much in particular. I searched the troubleshooting files within MailChimp itself. Nothing related to this particular problem.

Then I realised what the problem was. Immediately above the social media post area is a "Share your campaign" link. I had 'replicated' my last campaign but had forgotten to redirect my link to the new template and tailor a new URL.

All I had to do was to change the link. Suddenly the extra images had delete icons on the right-hand top corners, and I could remove them as normal.

Problem solved. 


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