Monday, 31 December 2018

Samsung Galaxy charging bug

I am enjoying my Galaxy Note 9, but unfortunately there is a bug with wireless charging. Apparently it happens with a number of Samsung phones: we pop them on the wireless chargers at airports etc, and suddenly they stop charging. We get a message stating "Wireless charging has paused", no other explanation, no way to turn wireless charging back on, and no magic black lightning bolt inside the battery icon at the top of the screen.

Even more worrying is that often the battery seems to discharge more quickly than usual when on the charge pad. I was overseas and watched my battery discharging at what appeared to be break-neck speed while supposedly on charge (I know, first world problems, but I was jet-lagged :-D).

A quick search on the internet found me a solution by Hisona (8 December 2018). All we have to do is to reboot the phone via a battery pull. Of course, doing that when we can't get the battery out appears to be of a problem, but the same effect is created by doing the following:
  • Press and hold the volume down button. Keep holding it down, don’t release it, then
  • While holding down the volume down button, press and hold the power key, then
  • Hold both keys down for over 10 seconds, then
  • The phone should reboot.
We will know the phone has rebooted because the battery image will appear in the middle of the black screen with the amount of charge remaining, and if we put the phone on a charging pad, we will see the black lightning bolt.

I had 'the bug' twice while I was overseas. Both times Hisona's fix worked for me (8 December 2018). However, if this doesn't work, there are some more hardcore fixes available here.


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