Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Rolling back a Windows 10 update

If we can get a Windows update to actually install (read here), sometimes that update needs to be uninstalled. That’s when Ed Bott from TechRepublic rides to the rescue with how to roll back an update in Windows 10.

He notes that the roll back has three pieces.

  • Go to Settings | Update & Security | Windows Update,
  • Click View Update History,
  • Then click Uninstall Updates
  • This will open the old-style Control Panel interface.
  • Select the problematic update, and click Uninstall (NB: use Safe Mode might be required to do this if the compatibility problems are really bad)
Secondly, we need to the prevent the troublesome update from auto-reinstalling after restart, which requires a Microsoft software download.
  • Go to to download Microsoft's "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter
  • Run the troubleshooter
  • Choose “Hide Updates”, and select the troublesome update.
Thirdly, run the troubleshooter again, and “Show Updates” to unhide that the troublesome update, just to be sure that it is safely parked!

Thanks, Ed! Another great fix.


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