Monday, 29 July 2019

Greyed out comment balloon controls

I had a recent issue with a student script I was adding revision comments to: suddenly my comment 'balloons' disappeared and I had comments appearing in a bottom pane. I could not work out how on earth this had happened, although I did know that I had clipped the edge of another key.

So I went looking for a solution. I searched for a number of things, including "balloon comments have become footnotes in Word. How do I get them back?", "balloon comment options are greyed out in Word 365. How to get them back?" and "change location of balloon comments in Word". The middle option yielded the most useful answers.

I stumbled upon the answer in another user's comment to Jeffthehammer's similar question in the Microsoft Answers (9 October 2013) pages. The comment was from ritarneo: who said, that it was the same "for me - easy fix- in View change to Print Layout- balloons option now available". Wow, so simple.

And it worked perfectly for me as well.


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