Wednesday, 4 December 2019

PowerPoint font issues

For some time I have been having a problem with one particular file in Microsoft PowerPoint. A message box would appear on saving the file - the message box illustrating this post - saying that I had a problem with some fonts used in the file.

Needless to say, I ignored the message for quite a while, then when I had some time I went looking for a solution.

Firstly I assumed that the fonts named must have had expired licences, or - possibly - licences incompatible with Windows 10 (Microsoft, 26 March 2015). I checked all the fonts named, and downloaded new versions of each, uninstall the old version, and installed the new. I expected my problems to go away, however, even after a reboot, I got the same message.

Knowing that all fonts were indeed legitimate, I went looking again. I found a post by PPTools (30 November 2016), which suggested doing a "save as" on the file, clicking the tools dropdown at the bottom of the "save as" dialogue box, and selecting "save options". Then:
  • Click Save on the left side of the dialog box that appears.
  • Under "Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation" on the right, put a check next to "Embed fonts in the file" then choose "Embed only the characters used in the presentation (best of reducing file size)" or "Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) .
  • Click OK and continue saving normally.
All of the "general failure" errors went away. however, I still had my "font not available", and "licence restriction" errors occurring. 

To repair these last two errors, I went through the document until I found the slides containing both those particular fonts. I think what had happened was those two font licenses had expired, and PowerPoint had not 'seen' the new installed fonts. It was still assuming that the fonts were expired. I simply had to highlight the expired font, and then select the new font immediately below it in the fonts list.

Now my file saves perfectly.



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