Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Windows 10 administrator rights

Windows 10 usually has us as "Administrator" by default, with all the rights to change things, load software and accept updates. However, if we are having trouble doing any of the normal IT stuff on our machine, we should first check that nothing has happened in the background, and check that our own account has all the necessary rights. 

To check this, all we need to do is to go to Start | Settings and enter "Account" into the search box. From there we select the "Your Account Info" from the search list, and look at the label under our name for the word "Administrator".

If our account doesn't have Administrator rights, we can simply try changing it. If we can't do that, we could try creating a new account (go here to try that). If that doesn't work, we need to get out the big guns (try here). 

Hopefully that will be all we need.


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