Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Need a one page calendar?

Once upon a time I used to get many free calendars through work, and I used three different ones during each year. I had a one page year calendar in A2 format; a 3 month shipping calendar; and a small monthly desk flip-calendar. However, the supply of free calendars has dried up, just as I have shifted more and more to using Google calendar on my phone.

However, I often need a one page calendar for short bursts within the year, to help me plan my semester. I don't need it printed out: but I do need it to show all the New Zealand holidays, so that I don't make simple planning mistakes: like booking a class or an assignment on a public holiday. I would use the official NMIT calendar, but it is laid out in a huge landscape table with the days down the left-hand side, and my brain finds it so confusing that it - has been - is a recipe for disaster. So I don't us it.

The calendar I use instead is from Canadian printer Michel Zbinden. He sets up monthly for a number of Commonwealth countries and allows users to download them at no cost. You can find his calendars here.


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