Friday, 28 August 2020

A framework for CACGs

Osborn & Zunker (2016) propose a framework for use in when delivering online career guidance. Their framework is for use after the client has interacted with an inventory, and - while it is very simple - it asks good questions:
"Ask the client about their interaction with the system. What was their experience, their reactions to the way the system work, and their satisfaction with what they found?
"Have the client read through the results and highlight descriptors and/or occupations that are of particular interest.
"Ask the client to talk about how the descriptors relate to what [they] already knew about [themselves], what new knowledge was found, and how that relates to the career decision being made.
"Move on to the list of highlighted occupations, and have the client describe what is appealing about each of those occupations. The counselor may choose to take notes or write on the report beside each of the highlighted options.
"Compare the reasons given for liking specific occupations to determine themes and further clarify self-knowledge, e.g., 'It's really important to you that your career choice offers you opportunities for advancement and independence.'
"Determine next steps. Review the model for using assessments, and the purpose for using this particular assessment. Was the stated need met completely, partially or not at all? Were additional needs discovered (e.g., a need for information about training opportunities or scholarships) during the process? Is a different assessment or a follow-up activity on the system warranted? What will help the client move towards making the career decision?" (p.152).
Considering this type of framework can help us make more use of our sessions together.


  • Reference: Osborn, D. S., & Zunker, V. G. (2016). Using Assessment Results for Career Development (9th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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