Wednesday, 30 December 2020

PDF colours not displaying properly

For some time - probably since either a Windows 10 or an Adobe upgrade - I have not been able to view colour pdfs as they were created. I have discovered over time that this is actually two problems: one issue is that I cannot print pdfs in full colour, and the second is that pdfs which I open online display properly in colour in the web browser, but once I download them to my PC, they no longer display in full colour properly.

Every now and again, as I strike the problem, I go for a look for a fix for each. Recently I found a fix for the second problem; the "how to display pdfs in full colour properly" issue. It was a surprisingly easy fix. Simply open the document which is not displaying properly, go into File | Preferences | Accessibility. Then ensure that I"Replace Document Colors" is UNTICKED.

The problem goes away, just like that.

Now, I must admit, that Accessibility is NOT where I would have looked for pdf colour settings. The Adobe developers must have squirrelly brains like a pretzel. 

The second issue is still proving elusive. I wish it was as easy to solve (five months and no fix).



  1. thanks this worked for the display PDF colour!

  2. Fantastic, Anonymous! Glad to help :-)


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