Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Check out AlternativeTo

Often a new piece of software comes out, and sounds like it will do exactly what we want, it works just the way we need it to work, and things look all ticketty boo... until we see the price. Yes, I know we need to pay developers a return on investment, but there are times where the cost to us may not equal the benefit.

If that is the case, then we should consider checking out This site lists and customer reviews key software packages, providing alternative solutions or apps for what customers are looking for. We simply enter the software or app we are looking for, and hit the search button. Too, too easy.

For example, if we are looking for a freeware alternative to Word for our old laptop. Enter Word in the search box, and click Find. We get 74 alternatives, with "LibreOffice - Writer" listed as the most popular. We can also filter the list for use on whatever our OS or device is: iPad, Android tablet, Chrome OS, Open Source, or Mac.

AlternativeTo is very useful site to bookmark!


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