Wednesday, 7 April 2021

A tricky mouse

I work with three screens on my PC (although I secretly lust after four - or a super-wide curved screen!).

Late last year I had a problem as I was working with Windows 10 maximising each pane, whenever I clicked a header bar to drag a pane from screen to screen. This started intermittently, but slowly grew to be so frequent that it effectively prevented me from doing any work. 

Sigh: time for troubleshooting.

  1. First of all I assumed that this was down to my Logitech mouse battery being a dud. As I had replaced it recently, I didn't think it was flat, but I replaced it again. However, the problem persisted.
  2. As there had been a Windows 10 update auto-installed somewhere around Christmas day, I next thought that this was a bug as a result of the update. So I had a dig around in the Windows settings to check them. I had 'snap' turned off. 'Prevent windows from automatically resizing' was also already off.  Not that then. 
  3. I checked the reported Windows install bug list. Nothing there either.
  4. I checked my Logitech mouse driver. It was up to date. And my panes/windows kept maximising. 
  5. I posted on the Microsoft help pages. No one else seemed to have encountered the problem, so I got no help. 
  6. Then I wondered if the problem was that Windows 10 mouse settings had changed from a double click to a single click for the mouse. I checked. It was set to 'double'.
  7. I then wondered if Windows was now seeing my mouse click as "single" to activate things, when my settings are set to 'double'... and then it hit me.
  8. This might be a HARDWARE problem. I might need a new mouse. I bought one. The problem largely went away, and completely went away when I updated the driver again.

We have got so used to hardware being reliable, that we sometimes forget to check... and it was number 8 on my list of things to check.

Ah well. 


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