Friday, 23 April 2021

Doing Business in New Zealand

I answered a question on Quora (2021) a while ago about how New Zealand compares to other nations in the ease of doing business. It was easy to answer the question as I had just watched a YouTube evaluation by Aussie thinktank, Economics Explained, comparing New Zealand to other countries.

While making no claim that New Zealand was perfect, Economics Explained’s (2021) Acorn-sponsored video details the key characteristics about NZ’s economy which makes Aotearoa different to other nations, and why - aside from housing - our economy tends to tick over relatively well.

Housing is definitely something we need to tackle. I would personally love to see a system of apartments like Germany, where the housing stock is durable, have long term leases, and people can treat the place like their own. However, that would require New Zealanders to make a significant change in mindset to be able to embrace central city living... and I don't see that happening in a hurry. We love our space too much. 

And we can't afford it any more. Ah well.



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