Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Converting mkv video to mp4

From time to time I receive video files in .mkv format, which requires different software to play. I prefer to use a single format - .mp4 - which is more universal. I try to keep things simple; particularly when sharing materials with students. Using the most common video format does aid simplicity in education. 

So wherever possible, I convert mkv files into mp4s. A scout around the internet makes this type of file conversion appear like we need expensive paid software, but that is not so. We can use the freeware app, VLC Media Player. 

Before we start the conversion, we need to open the mkv file in VLC Media Player, then go to Tools |Codec information | Codec details. When there we need to check and note down the audio sample rate (for example, 48000Hz).

The conversion steps are simple, as follows:

  1. Open VLC Media Player
  2. Go to Media | Covert/Save
  3. In the Save window, click the Add button, navigate to your file, select it, and click "Covert/Save"
  4. In the next window, under profile, select "Video for MBEG4 1080p TV/device"
  5. Click on the settings button (spanner icon) next to the profile selection drop down, then click on the "Audio Codec" tab. Ensure the codec setting at the top reads "MPEG Audio", and set the audio sample rate to match the mkv file (e.g. 48000Hz)
  6. Under Destination file, select where you want to save the converted file, and name the file appropriately
  7. Then click the save button. The file will convert.

It will take a while to run the conversion: usually about 15 minutes for each hour of video time. 

When you go to play the file, you may need to adjust the volume. It sometimes gets set to zero.



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