Friday, 25 March 2022

Extracting Yumpu files

I find the clunky on-screen readers difficult, as the Zoom functions are not user-friendly. Increasing the size means we are moving the visible area of the screen back and forth, then scrolling down and doing it all again. I am finding that zig zagging back and forth across the page annoying, as my sight gets mankier with age!

Sometimes in the Yumpu reader, we are unable to download the file: the commands have simply not been enabled. The zig zagging trying to read means I give up. So,if, like me, you have ever been in the situation where you can't read what you need to on screen in the Yumpu magazine reader, then this tip is for you.

It was with delight that I found the Yumpu Downloader page at There is no downloading or apps to install: we simply paste the link of the file we want to download into the textbox on the screen entitled "Paste a Yumpu document URL here". Then we click the blue button, "View pages and download pdf". The process begins.

Once complete, another tab will spawn, showing each of the pdf's pages created as separate images. There is a button at the top of that page, "Save all pages to pdf", which will - depending on the options we have set in our browsers - either create a pdf download file, or open the pdf within our browser. 

So, so easy. Then we can view on our own screen, and maximise to our heart's content. Further, if the pdf is opened on our phone, we can active liquid, and the file will resize and rescale just like a Word document, which is truly magnificent for reading. 

I hope this helps everyone!



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