Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Le Petard "Howdy Jack", National Business Review, 25 August 1995

I was reminded yesterday of a lovely NBR column-short from way back when I was at Sealord. I used to have this pinned to my wall, as follows:

"HOWDY JACK: This letter was recently sent to an Australian paper, addressed to President Jacques Chirac:

"Mon cher Jacques,
“Je suis un petit fromaged-off avec votre decision to blow up La Pacifique Sud avec Ies Francais bombes nuclears. Je reckon vous must have un spot in la Belle France pour Ies explosions. Le Massif Central? Le Champs Elysees? Votre own back yard, perhaps? Frappe les crows flamboyant avec stones, sport. La Guerre Cold est fini. Votre forces militaries need la bombe atomique about as beaucoup as les poissons need Ies bicycles. Un autre point, cobber - votre histoire militaire isn't tres flash. Une bombe nouveau won't change votre tradition glorieux".

Don'tcha love it?!



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