Saturday, 5 October 2013

Go Home on Time Day

Did you know that Australia has a "Go Home on Time" day? A LinkedIn compadré, Jessica Davidson, posted the Australian Institute's link on the HRINZ LinkedIn group today. She said "Ongoing research into workplace stress in Australia has promoted The Australian Institute and beyondblue to push what we think is a great national initiative: the 'Go Home on Time Day", taking place on November 20th. Organisations sign-up and push the initiative in their own workplaces. We think this is a great way to recognise challenges facing workers such as, balancing work and home life, overworking and switching off from work in down time."

What is fascinating is that I think this is an awesome idea, when you think that going home on time should happen nearly every day! Not going home on time should be the exception, not the rule.

So what does this say about our world when this type of thing is necessary?

Sounds like we need a few more acts of leadership and deciding this is bad for us :-)
  • Reference: The Australia Institute (n.d.). Go Home on Time Day 20 November 2013. Retrieved 1 October 2013 from!


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