Monday, 21 October 2013

No Permit, No Parking

Started a year ago in September 2012, by Australian woman, Alicia Wright, the Facebook page "No Permit, No Parking" was set up to name and shame able-bodied drivers who park in 'disabled' permit only spaces on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Alicia has Parkinson's disease and has difficultly walking, so is in a clear position to notice drivers flouting the disabled permit only signs. And there appear to be a LOT of flouters.

After pointing out to drivers in disabled parks that they don't have disability parking permits, the Australian reports that Alicia has been "threatened with physical abuse and stalked". So she and her growing band of supporters have started highlighting the issue on FB by posting photos of non-disabled permit cars in disabled permit parks: showing the offenders' registration plates.

Alicia also has a flyer on her FB page which users can download, print off and leave on non-permited cars in disabled permit spaces, which says "This space is reserved by law for people with disability parking permits. Hopefully we saved you from getting a parking infringement".

The flyer also asks offenders to consider the inconvenience they have caused legitimate permit-holders, while advising them of disabled permit parking regulations.

Now that is what I call an act of leadership.


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