Friday, 11 October 2013

The Coming Age of Corporate Disruptors

Wow, way cool: there is a job I want. I want to be a corporate disruptor.

Forbes' writer, Josh Linkner, said "Disruptors challenge assumptions.  They shake the status quo.  They are curious and creative.  They adapt and improvise.   Disruptors push the boundaries and love shattering conventional wisdom.  They’d rather forge new ground than blindly salute the flag of the past" in his article about disruption in March last year.

He went on to say that "Disruptors squirm at phrases such as 'we’ve always done it that way', 'that’s just the way things are done here', and 'if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it'.  They know that speed and innovation now trump rigidity and conformity.  They know that discovering fresh solutions and unleashing new ideas are top priority for both success and sustainability.

"Disruptors wonder.  They dream, explore, harass, discover, challenge, vex, disturb, rattle, break, upset, imagine, push, shatter, drive, offend, risk, and poke.  Disruptors also win, get promoted, earn more, make a bigger impact, reach their dreams and change the world."

This ties in well with what is projected by FastCompany to be a new job: that of a corporate "disorganizer". Terry Young, CEO of trend-spotting firm Sparks and Honey says that "Big companies want to be more like startups, seeing innovation as vital to future profits. [That companies will] want 'corporate disorganizers who can introduce a little 'organized chaos'." Terry continues "The disruptor will be tapping into the new systems of the collaborative economy, creating greater fragmentation and a more distributed ecosystem".

For me, a corporate disruptor sounds so much more exciting than a corporate disorganizer! And I really want to be one!

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