Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Handy Hot Keys for summer laptop use

I thought that with the summer being upon us, I should post some handy Windows 8 laptop hot keys to make computing a bit easier on the run.
    • To toggle the black screen on your laptop for immediate privacy, here is a built-in function. Just hit the function key & F6. No extra command programming required.
    • Display the Charms menu with the Windows key and 'C'
    • For the advanced system option menu (including Windows Control Panel, Command Prompt, Task Manager and File Explorer), the Windows key and 'X'.
    • To open desktop mode and minimise all windows, the Windows key and 'M'.
    • To open File Explorer in the “My Computer” view, showing all drives, the Windows key and 'E'.
    • To open the Run menu, to launch programmes by typing in their executable file names, the Windows key and 'R'.
    • For presentations, hold down the Windows key and press 'P'. Each time you hit P, you will toggle through four different options (1) Show Desktop only on computer; (2) Duplicate Desktop on Projector; (3) Extend Desktop to Projector; and (4) Show Desktop only on Projector.
    Just remember the sunblock!



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