Friday, 6 May 2016

Career advice from new LinkedIn App

On April 18th this year, LinkedIn released an iPhone app in the US focused on helping graduates answer their 'where next' questions. LinkedIn has mined their 400 million-strong database of professionals to help new graduates find work that is a "best fit" for student's degrees, and to help them find organisations which hire students with similar graduate profiles, from the student's institution (LinkedIn, 18 April 2016).

The app was piloted at the University of Central Florida and San Jose State University, with 200 and 100 students taking part respectively (Wong, 18 April 2016).

LinkedIn said that "The reason why we chose both of those universities is because they have a large, diverse student population," and they "wanted this app to be helpful to all students, not just the computer science major who was going to be a software developer" (Wong, 18 April 2016).

The LinkedIn app is aiming to answer the following three questions asked by the students themselves during the app pilot study (LinkedIn, 18 April 2016):
  1. As a student close to graduating, finding a job is the most important aspect of my life right now.
  2. I am graduating with $35,000 of debt so landing a good first job out of college is extremely important to me.
  3. I don’t understand how my major translates into a job I’m qualified for.
Below you can watch a LinkedIn clip of the app in action.

If you can't view the video, go to
This is only available in the US at present. However, if it is successful, it is likely to be rolled out globally.

Watch this space.



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