Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to create a Blogger Blog

I have a couple of blogs, and they are both Blogger blogs.

The reason I went with a blogger blog was because I had a gmail address, and it just made it easier to keep everything in the same camp. A bit like an IBM-compatible PC, really. Keeping stuff in the same stable for compatibility and easy of transfer.

One blog is for family news, and one is for business. I keep them quite separate.

There is a “how to” on creating a blogger blog at and and

Images are really important on a blog: they are what you anchor if sending out your latest news as a tweet or as a newsletter item. Information on creating blog images can be found at 

I also used to have a separate website. However, a couple of years ago, I did a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) where I converted my business blogger blog into my website. The MOOC was by Andrew Pyle, How to Create Websites Using Blogger, at

The first lecture in his blog explains how to sign up for blogger. It is worth checking out at

The course cost me USD$25 at a sale discount. But even without a discount, I think Andrew Pyle's course is worth paying the full fee at USD$75.

It walked me through how to create my Blogger blog, step by step, including how to get my blog pointing to my own domain name, and how to have Google host it.

Since undertaking Andrew Pyle's course, I have become more adventurous in hunting down design and layout coding, and applying it. While I am no expert, I am better able to seek solutions.

And I keep weekly both format and content backups.

Give it a try!



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