Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Reallocating Windows drive letters

Ed Bott, of TechRepublic, has come up with a timely and relevant post, yet again.

Ed reminds us that, although Windows automagically assigns a drive letter to any connected drive, we can change what drive letter is associated with our particular external plug ins.

While we can't use the C: drive, and it is usually considered foolish to use either the A: or B: drives (they have usually been allocated to "floppy drives and can confuse older software". Best avoid those ones, then).

Ed suggests however that we "might want to assign M to [...]our digital music files, [...] or X for your top-secret X-Files." Good ideas to help our full memories.

He explains how to set the drive letter:
  • "Start by ensuring that the drive you want to work with isn't in use and that no files from that drive are open". 
  • "Next, open the Disk Management console (Diskmgmt.msc) and right-click the volume that has the drive letter you want to change". 
  • "Click Change Drive Letter And Paths and then click the Change button, where you can choose from a list of available drives".
So easy.


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