Monday, 1 May 2017

Removing Participant Email Addresses From Google Calendar DDL

Those of you who are using Google calendar might be interested in how to get rid of old email addresses which pop up in your 'Participant' list when making appointments on your PC.

The Google calendar Participant list populates as you start to type in an invitee email address or name. The trouble is, when you have typed a name incorrectly once, or if someone has changed jobs, you have an incorrect email on your list which is very easy to select.

I have had a few old addresses which have been plaguing me for some time. I finally got my act together to google how to get rid of them, and found it surprisingly easy to purge those old addresses... but only once I knew the process to do so, because it is not intuitive.

To remove old contacts, we have to be logged in to our Google account, and go to When there, we can scroll through out contact list, and purge those who are old, outdated, or just plain error-ridden.

You can also click duplicates, and combine any that are in your list twice. 

So easy, when you know how!


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