Friday, 28 April 2017

Google Photos system tray icon error

I recently had a problem with Google photos.

Google photos automatically synchronises my image and film files on one drive with the cloud - which is fabulous. Until I forgot and saved a huge video file to that drive.

Then I was unable to do almost anything, because my upload pipe was jammed with a 3Gb file.

Simple, I thought: I will simply pause Google photos. It is the matter of a moment to hover over the Google icon in the system tray, get the pop up menu, and select 'Pause backup'.

So I went to do that. Only to find that for some strange reason, my Google photos icon had disappeared from my system tray. Ah. I vaguely remembered this happening once before, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what I had done to repair it.

OK, I thought: I will attempt to repair the Google photos app installation. I went to installed programmes and found that my only option was to uninstall the software - there was no repair option.

No problem. Someone is sure to have had the same issue - I will just google it. I did that, to find that yes, someone had had this issue before, and had been told to shut down and restart (which didn't work).

However, the person with the issue found their own solution: they simply redownloaded the Google photos app (here) and reinstalled it over the top of the existing install.

I was worried about doing that with an ongoing upload, so I first turned off my router (why hadn't I thought of that in the first place?!), then moved the offending file to the correct, non-cloud-back-up drive, restarted the router, downloaded a new install version, and installed over the top.

Et voila: il est réparé!


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