Friday, 8 December 2017

Undeleting SurveyMonkey Questions

Have you ever felt that cold rush of fear when you realise in retrospect that you have just deleted something that you shouldn't have? And then note that - worse - there is no undo button? Recently I experienced just that when doing some work on a SurveyMonkey survey. The page was slow to load, and I inadvertently clicked before the page was fully up. Oops! I deleted a question...

I hurriedly opened a new tab and googled "How do I undo a deleted question in SurveyMonkey", which got me lots of ideas on how to delete questions, but not to reverse the process. A few wording changes to "How to undelete SurveyMonkey questions" got me the goods. So the solution is, while in your survey, simply to:
  • In the left-hand sidebar panel, right at the bottom, click Deleted Questions.
  • Click one of your recently deleted questions to re-add it. Please note that it will automatically be inserted at the end of your survey, so you will probably need to drag it and drop it back to where you want it.
Even better, you can undelete questions you deleted any time over the past three months. Now that is handy!



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